How to get the version of WebSphere Application Server using wsadmin

Sometimes it is necessary to know the full version of IBM WebSphere Application Server without using the administrative console and searching configuration files, for example, when you writing jython scripts.

In this case it is convenient to use wsadmin tool commands (group AdminTask):

getNodeBaseProductVersion – returns the base (full) version for the specified node, e.g. “”.

getNodeMajorVersion – returns the major version for the specified node, e.g. “7” for V7.0.0.25.

getNodeMinorVersion – returns the minor version for the specified node, e.g. “0.0.25” for V7.0.0.25.

Other useful commands:

getNodePlatformOS – returns the type of operating system for the specified node.
getNodeSysplexName – returns the Sysplex name for the specified node (only for z/OS).

In most of cases enough to use getNodeBaseProductVersion command. Here is an example of using:

The most detailed information about the server (full version, build level, build date, profile directory) can be obtained using AdminControl.getAttribute command for a particular server, use the example below:

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