WAS for z/OS: некоторые ABEND коды

В среде z/OS, администратору WebSphere Application Server необходимо знать почему происходит некорректное завершение работы (ABnormally ENDed) адресных пространств Control Region и Servant Region. Причин тому может быть много, часто понять их помогают возвращаемые при “падении” коды. Приведу описание самых распространенных из них.

1. GP2SR01S GP2SR01S – ABEND=SEC3 U0000 REASON=04130007

A request for Class Name XXX and Method Name ‘httprequest’, from ip addr=XXX port=XXX, has timed out. The servant process associated with the request will be terminated. Request Id(XXX)

2. GP2SR01S GP2SR01S – ABEND=SEC3 U0000 REASON=00080005

The EC3 reason code is 00080005 indicates the Server region was terminated as a result of controller termination. The controller region was terminated with a ‘cancel command’.

3. GP2SR01 GP2SR01 – ABEND=S222 U0000 REASON=00000000

S222 Explanation: The operator, or an authorized time sharing option extensions (TSO/E) user, canceled the job without requesting a dump.

4. BossLog: { 0698} 2012/12/28 03:10:42.173 02 SYSTEM=SYS2 CELL=GP NODE=GP2 CLUSTER=GPPROD SERVER=GP2SR01 PID=0X0000012D TID=0X00000049 0XDCFC14C c=./bbgoboat.cpp at line:+2986 … BBOO0010W The function ACR_ExecutionThread::ProcessInboundRequest(acrwObj *, ThreadCleanUp *, BOSS_Object_Key &, Internal_CORBA_Request &)+2986 raised CORBA system exception CORBA::INTERNAL. Error code is C9C21030.

C9C21030 Explanation: Attempt to queue work to WLM failed.

User response

Issue D WLM,APPLENV=xxxxxx and verify the APPLENV is not in the STOPPED state. If it is in the STOPPED state, issue V WLM,APPLENV=xxxxxx,RESUME to resume the APPLENV (after correcting the problem that initially caused the APPLENV to become STOPPED).

5. z/OS WAS servant region will abend with the following:


IEF450I X2SR01AS X2SR01AS – ABEND=SEC3 U0000 REASON=000C0008


If the ITCAM for Websphere on z/OS USS file system is not mounted or does not have the correct permission’s this may cause the WAS servant region to abend with SEC3 abend and will issue message:


Resolving the problem

Verify the ITCAM HFS is mounted. You can verify using the command D OMVS,F. Also verify the correct permission’s have been set for the directories in the HFS

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