Delete old messages from queues

Removing old or non-used messages from queues in large or test MQ environments is a real problem for admins.
Especially, when the number of queues reaches hundreds and thousands. The best way to solve this problem is use dmpmqmsg utility (aka qload, MO03 SupportPac) and write shell script. Qload is now (from MQ v8) part of the product, renamed to dmpmqmsg.

Here is dmpmqmsg utility usage instructions and simple examples:

Look at “-T

To delete all messages, without backuping messages to files, you need to use command (without “-T” & “-F” keys):
dmpmqmsg -m $QMgr -I$QName

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One comment on “Delete old messages from queues
  1. Rohan says:

    Can we purge message from the queue which are older than 2 days without writing into a file?

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